Supporting 500 Photographers financially...
500 Photographers has become close to a fulltime job and is truly a pleasure to make. However, it does not generate any income and the financial situation has become a worry. Your donation and support would be of great help for this project.
You can support the project by buying my book or just by donating an amount to your choice. I will be forever grateful!

Alternative way of supporting 500 Photographers...
I'm always looking for new photographers for this website. I check all the e-mails that come in, research on the internet, visit galleries and photography festivals and read photobooks and magazines. If you have photography magazines that you no longer wish to keep, instead of throwing them in the trash, I'd be very happy to receive them. Thank you!
You can send the items to:
Pieter Wisse
Crooswijksesingel 12A
3034 CG Rotterdam
The Netherlands